I’m grateful and honored to be part of this strong and growing community of healing and support, grateful for the amazing work that they do every day. – C.J.

EDF has provided a space to protect the sanctity of recovery.  I am happy to contribute time and energy to support and grow such an amazing organization. – L.D.

Serving as a facilitator for groups is just as rich an experience for me as it is for the group members. It is a privilege to witness growth, acceptance, and healing. – A.S.

We’re in this fight together

Volunteers are the heart of our organization, and we hope that you’ll consider becoming part of our community. We offer our volunteers opportunities for meaningful work, and we support our volunteers with monthly meetings and frequent informal check-ins with volunteer coordinators. You’ll not only be helping others, but, as our many volunteers have told us, you’ll find personal enrichment, friendship and the satisfaction of service at EDF. We urge you to call us and make an appointment to discuss how we can help inspire your spirit of volunteerism. We’ve asked for your help: Now, it’s up to you.