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I hope that everyone and every school you visit listen with open ears because it is serious and can really hurt a person and their family.                      -student

Thank you so much for speaking at our school. I really enjoyed your presentation. I never knew how serious eating disorders can really be and now I know how much they can harm someone’s life.                       -student

Thank you for talking with us. It was very moving and insightful.  We hope you’ll visit us again soon.                                 -teacher

Thank you for taking the time to bring your wonderful and engaging presentation to our school. What an important message! I know your words left a life-long impression on our student body. -E.J.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to our classes about eating disorders. When we debriefed the following day, the students shared that the knowledge you brought to our class gave them pause for reflection and contemplation. You were able to provide useful tools to make us all adept at handling the most difficult of issues.       -S.B.

Break the silence with our free educational presentations.

The Eating Disorder Foundation offers free, age-specific presentations about body image and eating disorders. We visit educational settings throughout Colorado ranging from kindergarten through college. We also speak to community groups, civic organizations, professional associations and others who wish to learn more about body image, eating disorders, early detection, treatment options, support groups and how to aid in prevention efforts.

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